Fifth international scientific meeting organized by Vincent Michel on the theme of the fight against the illicit trafficking of cultural goods, under the aegis of the HeRMA laboratory and the MSHS (Axis 4 - Heritage in danger) of the University of Poitiers, in collaboration with the Qatar National Library and Terre d'Orient.


• Thusday 16 december 2021 – 9:30 am / 5:45 pm

• In Poitiers by presential and by videoconference
University of Poitiers, hôtel Berthelot, salle Crozet – 24 rue la chaîne, bât. E13

• Free access, with health pass. Free and obligatory inscription (distancial) to:

• French, English and Arabic translation (by videoconference)



It is a question of reflecting on the production (France, Egypt, Iraq, Palestine, Syria …), the circulation and the sale of false archaeological cultural goods and of crossing the actions of the main actors engaged in this fight, within the framework of a concerted and interdisciplinary dialogue, from the identification of objects to the judicialization of cases.

This round table will bring together archaeologists (DRAC, departments of antiquities of Iraq, Palestine, Egypt and Syria), members of heritage and research institutions (INHA, University of Poitiers, University Institute of France, C2RMF), investigators (customs, police), representatives of the various ministries involved in the fight against the illicit trafficking of cultural property as well as legal experts. This transversal and multidisciplinary event will offer a fresh look at this problem and will be organized in the form of communications and discussions in simultaneous French, English and Arabic translation (by videoconference).



• 9:30 am – Vincent Michel, director of HeRMA, University of Poitiers and Léa Dechamp, Master of Ancient Worlds – History, Civilizations and Heritage, University of Poitiers


Session 1 – Methodological, legal and litigation approach

9:40 am / 1:15 pm

• 9:40 am – by videoconference Xavier Delestre, General Heritage Curator, Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs, Provence-Alpes-Côte d´Azur
Forgeries and uses of forgeries, a few observations following legal investigations carried out in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d´Azur region

• 10:05 am – by videoconference Agnès Lattuati-Derieux, research engineer, head of the Organic materials analysis group, C2RMF, Ministry of Culture
Cross-views of cultural heritage sciences: contributions and limits for the study of goods from national collections

• 10:30 am – Morgan Belzic, INHA researcher, French Archaeological Mission of Libya (MAFL) and Camille Blancher, University of Poitiers, MAFL
True-false: the falsification of Libyan archaeological objects on the art market

• 10:55 am – Maxence Garde, Curator at the Egypt & Sudan Department, British Museum, Circulating Artefacts
Use of forgery: documenting the provenance of Egyptian antiquities

• 11:15 am – Break

• 11:30 am – Marine Le Bihan, Lawyer, Business Litigation / Art Law, Paris Bar
Authenticity of cultural goods: what legal framework?

• 11:55 am – Valentin Payraud, Customs Inspector, Financial Judicial Investigation Service (SEJF)
Forgeries, counterfeits and copies in the art world: the role of customs

• 12:20 pm – Thomas Leclaire, Police Captain, Head of SIRASCO at the Central Office for the Fight against Illicit Traffic in Cultural Goods (OCBC)
Criminal investigation for forgery in the art world

• 12:55 pm – Conclusion


Session 2 – Regional and typological approach

2:15 pm / 5:45 pm

• 2:15 pm – by videoconference Konstantinos-Orfeas Sotiriou, Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Heritage Property / Cultural Heritage Protection Expert, Greece
Forgeries in the Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Heritage Phenomenon

• 2:45 pm – Philippe Mainterot, Senior Lecturer, University of Poitiers
Avoiding the traps of counterfeiters: how to identify counterfeit Egyptian art?

• 3:10 pm – by videoconference Maamoum Abdoulkarim, Professor of Archeology, University of Damascus, former Director General of Antiquities and Museums of Syria
Production and circulation of fake antiques during the Syrian crisis

• 3:35 pm – Mickaël Langlois, HDR lecturer, University of Strasbourg
The Falsified Bible: The False Dead Sea Scrolls

• 4 pm – Break

• 4:15 pm – by videoconference Stéphane Ipert, Director of Collections (Heritage Library), Qatar National Library
Peregrination of oriental manuscripts in the MENA region: from imitations to trafficking in forgery

• 4:40 pm – by videoconference Awni Shawamra, Protection of cultural heritage, Department of Antiquities, Palestine
Types of false artifacts in Palestine and their sources

• 5:05 pm – by videoconference Jean-Paul Demoule, Professor emeritus of European protohistory, University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
Archeology of fakes: examples and typology

• 5:30 pm – Discussion and conclusion


Introduction by Vincent Michel et Léa Dechamp. Photographies: Isabelle Fortuné / University of Poitiers

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